Huntingdon Golf Coach Dismissed After Profane Rant

Matt Mahanic is no longer the golf coach of the D-III Huntingdon Hawks. Not a day after we posted audio of an f-bomb-filled rant, spurred by his players finishing 11th in a 12-team tournament last month, the Methodist-affiliated school in Montgomery, Ala., removed hm from the team website, naming an interim coach in… »11/09/12 5:10pm11/09/12 5:10pm


Profane Rant By D-III Christian College's Golf Coach Is A Thing To Behold

You could forward through the first 1:55 of this clip to get to the yelling and the screaming and the oh-so-many bad words. You could. But you shouldn't, because the buildup is what makes the explosion so great. Calm, helpful strategy gives way to praise for the one player who shot a decent round, to violently… »11/08/12 11:20pm11/08/12 11:20pm