It's Fall, So Invest In A Good Pair Of Boots

Buying a good pair of boots is kinda like buying a car. You want to find something that looks good, gets good mileage, and will last. You might have to spend a little money to get the most bang for your buck. It took me two seasons of buying the exact same pair of Aldo (a middle-of-the-road shoe brand) boots before I… »10/27/15 2:13pm10/27/15 2:13pm


Warren Sapp's House Is Up For Sale In The Pages Of The New York Times Today

Are you a Times reader? Are you in the market for "A Magnificent Lakefront Estate Home in Prestigious 'Lake Butler Sound,' Windermere, Florida"? Do you have a Warren Sapp fetish that you haven't told anyone about? Well then you're already probably pretty excited! This was on page B7 of the Times today. »9/30/12 2:30pm9/30/12 2:30pm