A Day At Harvard-Yale And Its Tragic Tailgate

NEW HAVEN, Conn.—I could tell you about dropping by the Yale crew alumni tailgate on Saturday, and taking a shot of Jim Beam with a slice of prosciutto, but that's not the reason the Game's 2011 tailgate will forever be the Tailgate. We'll now call it the Tailgate because three women there got run over by a U-Haul,… » 11/21/11 4:40pm 11/21/11 4:40pm

Columbia Bans Marching Band From 0-9 Football Team's Finale Because The Band Made Fun Of The Team

Aw, horseshit. The Ivy League fun police have lost their damn minds. Columbia's banned its marching band from playing at the football team's final game this weekend, because, after the last game, the band made fun of the team with new lyrics to the school's fight song. Please. » 11/17/11 12:30am 11/17/11 12:30am