Replacement Official Speaks Out: "The Last Guy Who Was Perfect They Nailed To A Cross"

By the time the referee lockout ended last night, many of the scab replacements had become notorious for blunders or impropriety of some kind. Jeff Sadorus fell into that classification when reports surfaced 10 days ago that he had been a paid practice official for years with the Seattle Seahawks, which wasn't an… »9/27/12 11:35pm9/27/12 11:35pm


Report: Replacement Official Who Worked Seattle-Arizona Game Has Been A Paid Practice Official For Seahawks

A field judge in last week's Seattle Seahawks-Arizona Cardinals game—a game where Seattle was awarded an extra timeout—has worked Seattle practices over the past three years. While it may not be on par with being a proud and public fan of the team you are scheduled to officiate, it's still problematic because the… »9/16/12 2:32pm9/16/12 2:32pm