Whoa, We're Halfway There: The Grierson & Leitch Top 12 Movies Of The First Half of 2012

Shockingly, we are more than halfway through 2012. (It's a backloaded year: Olympics, election, total global catastrophe—all stacked up from late July on.) As always, the best, most "prestigious" movies won't be released until November or December, because the people who vote on the Oscars are senile and cannot… »7/17/12 4:33pm7/17/12 4:33pm


Say Goodbye To Mumblecore: How The Duplass Brothers Rise Above The Ramble

It's really easy to hate mumblecore. Not the movies—just that name. A collection of like-minded low-budget indie films about 20-somethings (usually white and pasty) trying to find their way in the world, "mumblecore" calls to mind all the weakest tendencies in these movies—specifically, their ineffectual, rambling,… »3/14/12 5:25pm3/14/12 5:25pm