The Second Time They Met, Jeffrey Maier Didn't Dare Mess With Tony Tarasco

When I met Jeffrey Maier, he was Coach Maier and I had no idea who he was. Of course I remembered the boy who stole an out from two feet above Tony Tarasco's glove and turned it into an eight inning, game-tying home run in the '96 ALDS. The Yankees would win the game, and the series, and the championship.… »7/02/12 3:00pm7/02/12 3:00pm

Jeffrey Maier Wants To Return And Screw Over The Orioles Again

You might remember that Jeffrey Maier, the infamous Yankees fan who might have cost the Orioles a win in the 1996 American League Championship Series, was hoping to be selected in the amateur draft earlier this year. Well, it didn't quite happen the way he wanted, so now, at the Winter Meetings — a baseball convention… »12/05/06 1:30pm12/05/06 1:30pm