Report: Former Penn State President Graham Spanier To Face Criminal Charges Today [UPDATED]

Graham Spanier, the Penn State president fired last November in the wake of Jerry Sandusky's arrest, will be charged with perjury and obstruction of justice in connection with the Sandusky case, according what sources told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The Pennsylvania attorney general's office is expected to announce… »11/01/12 11:22am11/01/12 11:22am


Sandusky Victim Sues Penn State For Deliberate Cover Up, Claims He Was Assaulted Over 100 Times

According to The Associated Press, the individual known only as victim 1, now filing under the name "John Doe C.," alleges that Jerry Sandusky sexually assaulted him at least 100 times—including fondling and oral sex—over a three year period and Penn State deliberately covered it up. Among other allegations, the suit… »8/25/12 9:25am8/25/12 9:25am

Franco Harris On Joe Paterno: Yep, I'm Still Hopelessly Deluded

Franco Harris read "most of" the Freeh Report (the stuff about the massive, program and university-wide cover up must have been in the last chapter) and has come to this conclusion: "there was no cover up." Even, for the sake of argument, assuming the existence of a cover up, Harris "feel[s] even more strongly about… »7/21/12 11:30am7/21/12 11:30am

Mike Francesa Just Accused Jerry Sandusky Of Child Trafficking [UPDATE]

Mike Francesa dropped a bomb on his WFAN radio show today when he announced more Jerry Sandusky victims had come forward, one of which had been delivered by a fellow pedophile who also groomed his victims by operating some kind of Pennsylvania-based outreach program. It's the sort of allegation that, despite the… »7/17/12 2:45pm7/17/12 2:45pm

Joe Paterno Negotiated A $3 Million Ejector Seat After He Was Subpoenaed For Sandusky Grand Jury

Remember when the heroic, did-what-he-was-supposed-to-do coach Joe Paterno valiantly fell on his sword in November, and told the Penn State board of trustees that there was no need to fire him, he would resign at the end of the year? A bold move by a proud man, right? Like much of what we once knew of Joe Paterno,… »7/14/12 10:34am7/14/12 10:34am

Joe Paterno's First Interview Since The Sandusky Scandal Is A Five-Page Waste Of Time

Sure, part of the reason Sally Jenkins was able to land the interview in the first place was because the article was guaranteed to be a five page waste of time. But still, the much-hyped article does not even tackle the McQueary meeting until page four. Yes, we get an inside look at what life is now like for Joe… »1/14/12 5:39pm1/14/12 5:39pm