"I HOPE U ALL FUCKIN DIE" And Other Reasoned, Measured Responses To The NCAA's Penn State Punishment

The NCAA's announcement of penalties against Penn State football brought forth strong reactions—including our own—but none more, say, fervent than from those on social media. Here, then, are the most angry, sometimes regrettable, and generally depressing reactions from those on Twitter and Facebook. Special thanks to… »7/23/12 9:50pm7/23/12 9:50pm

Joe Paterno Negotiated A $3 Million Ejector Seat After He Was Subpoenaed For Sandusky Grand Jury

Remember when the heroic, did-what-he-was-supposed-to-do coach Joe Paterno valiantly fell on his sword in November, and told the Penn State board of trustees that there was no need to fire him, he would resign at the end of the year? A bold move by a proud man, right? Like much of what we once knew of Joe Paterno,… »7/14/12 10:34am7/14/12 10:34am

Penn State Offered To Rename Beaver Stadium After Joe Paterno So His Family Would Not Sue The School

Penn State and the Paterno family have quickly morphed from college football royalty to a sad episode of The Bickersons in a matter of months. After unceremoniously firing Paterno in the wake of his laissez-faire handling of the Jerry Sandusky allegations, the school offered certain concessions to the family in… »4/22/12 12:00pm4/22/12 12:00pm

Penn State Admits Official Fired Earlier This Week Was Fired For His Role In Sandusky Investigation

In an admission that shocks absolutely no one, unnamed sources within the Penn State athletic department have confirmed that associate athletic director Mark Sherburne was fired this week for his role in the investigation of child sex abuse claims against former coach Jerry Sandusky and the administration's failure… »4/21/12 4:49pm4/21/12 4:49pm