This Photo Of ESPN's John Clayton With Slayer Is Pretty Metal

A terrific SportsCenter ad came to life at Friday night's Slayer show in Seattle. There are no conclusions to draw here about John Clayton's ponytail, but nothing rocks harder than a cell phone clip on some dad jeans. » 11/04/13 12:07pm 11/04/13 12:07pm

ESPN's John Clayton Says Some Random Shit About Johnny Manziel

So what happens to Johnny Manziel if the NCAA decides he's no longer eligible to play college football because he allegedly sold his autograph? Last night during SportsCenter, John Clayton explained that Manziel could turn pro and enter the supplemental draft later this month, "if indeed he does qualify." Yeah, but,… » 8/05/13 2:35pm 8/05/13 2:35pm

John Clayton Needs To Work On His Mechanics

ESPN's NFL reporter and ponytail folk hero threw out the ceremonial first pitch before Saturday's Mariners game and it went probably about as well as one imagines a ceremonial first pitch would go for John Clayton. » 5/26/13 7:15pm 5/26/13 7:15pm

It Turns Out John Clayton Does Have A Ponytail (In A "This Is

Aha! We have a development in one of the most hotly debated issues currently occupying bandwidth on the internet: Does John Clayton have a ponytail? Answer: No, but ESPN'll make him look ridiculous for the sake of a pretty good commercial. » 9/06/12 1:40pm 9/06/12 1:40pm

John Clayton Does Not Have A Ponytail, But He Does Have A Mullet

The I-Team investigated this some time ago, only to be told by ESPN that NFL analyst John Clayton did not have a ponytail but only a "mess of hair in back." Clayton hasn't been seen much in Bristol since then, limiting his exposure to face-frontal shots via satellite, but tonight he made a rare studio appearance in… » 12/14/11 10:10pm 12/14/11 10:10pm

John Clayton's A Little Gassy In The Morning

And now for a little stomach-churning media goodness. One of the inevitable downsides of ESPN's new "Live" SportsCenter are some of the slip-ups that occur during live broadcasts which unfortunately make it to air. Case in point — this morning, at approximately 10:28, it appears NFL beat reporter John Clayton was… » 9/23/08 12:30pm 9/23/08 12:30pm