Eliminating Kickoffs Would Ruin Football, According To A Kicker And A Kick Return Specialist

Yesterday, we discussed the possibility that the NFL will do away with kickoffs and instead institute a punt-or-4th-and-long option. On its face, the idea seems logical, maybe even preferable, if not necessarily a top-priority reform. The NFL can frame it as an issue of player safety, but truthfully, the increasing… »12/08/12 10:30am12/08/12 10:30am

Somehow Josh Cribbs Woke Up And Walked Away From This Brutal Head-Crunching Hit

On a day the NFL celebrated the end of its most pressing controversy, its lingering one rose again to prominence as Browns returner Josh Cribbs took a brutal hit from Dannell Ellerbe at the end of a first quarter punt return and lay motionless on the turf during tonight's Cleveland-Baltimore game at M&T Bank Stadium. »9/27/12 9:05pm9/27/12 9:05pm

Josh Cribbs Organized A Kent State Fan Road Trip To Watch The College World Series

As Kent State and Arkansas get under way in the College World Series, let's pause for a moment to discuss something we actually like. Josh Cribbs, Cleveland Browns kickoff return wizard and Kent State alum, organized a bus trip for the Kent State family, shuttling diehard baseball fans 14 hours to Omaha, Nebraska,… »6/16/12 5:45pm6/16/12 5:45pm

Josh Cribbs Goes To War Against The Tyranny Of Meter Maids

A couple of weeks ago, Browns receiver Josh Cribbs received a ticket for parking his Mercedes at an expired meter in Cleveland Heights. He protested immediately that the meter still had time left, posting a photo of his ticket next to the meter showing 8 minutes remaining. Police say they don't know when the picture… »6/30/11 4:45pm6/30/11 4:45pm