"Coeds Appreciated": Jerry Sandusky's Other Lawyer Bought Drinks For Penn State Students Last Night

When we approached Karl Rominger to do a live chat with our readers a few months back, we did so because Rominger—the defense attorney repping Jerry Sandusky who isn't Lawyerin' Joe—struck us as the kind of guy who might be fun to have a beer with. Sure enough, Rominger didn't disappoint. And last night, on the eve of… » 10/09/12 9:30am 10/09/12 9:30am

Jerry Sandusky's Other Lawyer Wants You To Know He Totally Called That Supreme Court Ruling

Karl Rominger and Lawyerin' Joe Amendola might be basing their appeal of Jerry Sandusky's conviction on their own ineffective lawyerin', but that doesn't mean Rominger is above shouting "Scoreboard!" when it comes to his expertise on other sorts of lawyerin'. Oh, and news organizations: He's available to comment on… » 6/28/12 12:15pm 6/28/12 12:15pm

Meet Karl Rominger, Sandusky's Other Weirdo Attorney

By now, we are all familiar with the face of Jerry Sandusky's legal dream team. But Lawyerin' Joe is not the only whack job billing Jerry by the tenths of an hour. Meet Karl Rominger, trivia and scrapple nut. » 6/23/12 10:39am 6/23/12 10:39am

I mean, his whole feed is like that. There's really no way of making heads or tails of it, I guess like…

Jerry Sandusky Has The Mental And Emotional Maturity Of A Teenager, According To Sandusky's New Lawyer

You've heard (an awful, awful lot) from Joe Amendola, the lead attorney for Jerry Sandusky's defense. Now you will hear from his co-counsel, Karl Rominger, who appeared on CNN to explain away Sandusky's disturbing Bob Costas interview last month with the following description of his client: » 12/15/11 1:00pm 12/15/11 1:00pm