Kentucky Basketball Spent Just About As Much Money Lighting A Basketball Pep Rally As It Does On Football Recruiting

On Friday John Calipari and company kicked off the start of the college basketball season with their version of Midnight Madness, Big Blue Madness. Kentucky is coming off a National Championship-winning year so they're allowed to get a little nuts. We're talking hip-hop music nuts. »10/14/12 4:50pm10/14/12 4:50pm

We all know that Kentucky is…


Bob Knight Continues His Solo Defamation Crusade Against John Calipari

Bob Knight can't bullwhip his players anymore, and so over the past few years he's redirected his unmitigated anger about college athletics. It now rests squarely on the head of Kentucky basketball pimp John Calipari. On Saturday, Knight spoke to some Hoosiers at a banquet in Wabash, Ind. and claimed that the starting… »4/19/11 2:45pm4/19/11 2:45pm