Sonny Gray Fields Liner Off First Base For The Easy Out

Here's a fun thing that happened in yesterday's Mariners-A's game that I don't think I've ever seen before. Kyle Seager lashed a Sonny Gray pitch down the first-base line, only to see his would-be double carom off the base and right into Gray's glove, who was jogging over to cover first on his way to what became an… »4/07/14 11:50am4/07/14 11:50am

Kyle Seager Just Ripped Off Manny Machado In The Most Awesome Way Possible

Well, it looks we have a new consensus Coolest Trick Baseball Play of the moment, and it's when a third baseman comes charging in on a bunt, fakes a throw to first, trusts that his shortstop is covering, and then catches the runner making a wider-than-advised turn around third. It memorably happened Wednesday night… »9/14/12 9:45am9/14/12 9:45am