This Is Not How You Dance To Lil Jon, Tennessee Fans

Lil Jon and Tennessee are pretty good friends lately. That means a lot of new fans of the king of crunk in Vols country, where things like this are happening. There's a lot going on here, and none of it's good. » 10/05/14 12:26pm 10/05/14 12:26pm

We Turned Spelling Bee Loser Jacob "What?" Williamson Into A Rap Star

We all had our laughs about poor Jacob Williamson, the 15-year-old eighth grader whose excited misspelling of "kabaragoya" left him a spelling bee loser but viral video hit. We thought he deserved something better, and when it comes to "WHAT?" there's only one expert: Lil Jon. » 5/29/14 10:41pm 5/29/14 10:41pm

Drunk Dude Sings Lil Jon's "Get Low" On D.C. Metro

This is fantastic. This hammered dude belts out a few lines from Lil Jon's "Get Low" while rocking back and forth in his Metro seat, setting off little impromptu sing-along in the car. After the initial flurry, he goes silent for a good two minutes. And then: » 2/01/14 2:46pm 2/01/14 2:46pm