Both Pilots Of The Plane In The Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Crash Should Not Have Been Allowed To Fly

Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of the plane crash that killed 36 members of the Russian hockey club Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, including former NHLers Ruslan Salei, Kārlis Skrastiņš, and Pavol Demitra. Today Russian officials announced that they were charging Vadim Timofeyev, the deputy head of the Yak-Service… »9/06/12 6:25pm9/06/12 6:25pm

The Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Plane Crash Was Due To Pilot Error, Drugs, Shitty Working Conditions

Russian aviation watchdogs announced their findings in a two-month investigation into the crash that wiped out an entire KHL team. Despite an aging airplane that had raised numerous safety red flags, the accident is chalked up to pilot error. But it's operator Yak-Servis who takes most of the blame. »11/02/11 2:00pm11/02/11 2:00pm

The Heartbreaking Hockey Funeral For Lokomotiv Yaroslavl

The 37 members of Lokomotiv Yaroslavl who died in Wednesday's plane crash were on their way to Minsk to open the KHL season. The opening of the season has been pushed back to Monday, but all of Dynamo Minsk's tickets had been sold. Rather than leave the arena dark and emphasize the void the disaster has left, Dynamo… »9/09/11 10:30am9/09/11 10:30am

Doomed Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Plane Was Banned In Europe Due To Safety Concerns

The charter plane carrying almost the entire Lokomotiv Yaroslavl team took off in perfect weather this morning, had trouble gaining altitude, clipped a radar tower and crashed 1.5 miles from the airport. It's the exact same plane that had been banned two years ago by aviation authorities from flying to Europe because… »9/07/11 1:45pm9/07/11 1:45pm

Plane Carrying KHL's Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Crashes In Russia, Leaving Just One Survivor; Former NHL Players Among Dead (UPDATE)

A Yak-42 passenger jet carrying members of the KHL's Lokomotiv Yaroslavl crashed on takeoff, the majority of players on board. (Early reports put the death toll at 36, or 44, or somewhere in between.) The survivor, Alexander Galimov, is said to have critical injuries. »9/07/11 9:57am9/07/11 9:57am