Terry Collins Made The Right Call On Matt Harvey And Still Screwed Up

It was a Mets season that began with, and briefly threatened to founder upon, questions of how many innings Matt Harvey would be allowed to throw, and for how many innings he’d be able to be effective. In the end, Harvey threw 216 innings—the most ever for a pitcher coming off of Tommy John surgery—and on the whole he… »11/02/15 9:17am11/02/15 9:17am

Matt Harvey Took Out Insurance On His Arm

The controversy over Matt Harvey’s innings limit turned out to be a lot of nothing: the Mets merely skipped Harvey’s starts and gave him shorter outings, and he’s off the leash for however long this playoff run lasts. But that doesn’t change the fact that Harvey’s already thrown 23 more innings than his previous… »10/20/15 10:15am10/20/15 10:15am

Four Things I Like About The Mets, Who Are Playing Well Right Now

My boss Tim Marchman is making me write about the Mets, both because they have the best record in baseball and because people keep emailing about it. I don’t see any real point, however, in the routine “Oh wow, maybe the Mets are going to get far this season!” post, partly because I don’t believe in sweeping baseball… »4/23/15 2:56pm4/23/15 2:56pm

Matt Harvey Tweets Bird-Flipping Picture, Immediately Deletes Account

Mets pitcher Matt Harvey tweeted out this picture today as a way to mark the six-month anniversary of his Tommy John surgery. It's a silly and harmless picture, but Harvey, or someone within the Mets organization, thought that its existence was offensive enough to warrant Harvey deleting his entire Twitter account.… »4/22/14 1:18pm4/22/14 1:18pm

Matt Harvey's Interview With Dan Patrick Got Real Awkward Real Fast

Mets phenom Matt Harvey was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show this morning, and he was not the ideal interview subject. Patrick wanted to talk about Harvey's elbow injury and the looming possibility of Tommy John surgery—you know, baseball stuff—but all Harvey wanted to do was be a pitchman for some dumb phone thing… »9/18/13 12:30pm9/18/13 12:30pm