Report: Bob Costas' Olympic Eye Infection Was From Botched Botox

If you were a TV host with a huge gig on the horizon — the ding dang Olympics — you might make an appointment to get a little freshen up with the cosmetic surgeon. Who could blame you? You want to look your best when the whole world is watching. But what if something went wrong and your eyes got red and your vision… » 3/07/14 11:18am 3/07/14 11:18am

Matt Lauer Asks Bob Costas If He'll Be Taking The Red-Eye Flight Home

Bob Costas joined Matt Lauer on The Today Show this morning to discuss the buzz in Sochi and at the end of the segment, Lauer casually asked Costas how much longer he was staying in town. Lauer waited for the response and then pounced all over him. » 2/21/14 9:17am 2/21/14 9:17am

A-Rod Lawyer Melts Down On Today

A-Rod's lawyer Joe Tacopina "would love nothing more" than to defend A-Rod and to talk about his testing history. If only MLB would be kind enough to waive the confidentiality agreement in the joint-drug agreement! » 8/19/13 10:17am 8/19/13 10:17am

NBC's Today Hosts Michael Vick In-Studio, Confuses Him For Jerrod…

NBC's Matt Lauer brought Eagles QB Michael Vick into the Today studio this morning for a conversation full of personal growth and life lessons and redemption. To call Lauer's questions softballs is an insult to softballs; his prompts were more like those weird-ass softballs they use in Chicago. » 7/17/12 10:20am 7/17/12 10:20am

Steve Phillips "Moves On" By Spilling His Guts To Matt Lauer

Steve Phillips made it out of sex rehab alive and has definitely seen the error of having sex with people who aren't your wife. So he went on "Today," because this is information that America needs to hear. » 2/08/10 11:00am 2/08/10 11:00am