Your Collection Of "What If White Michael Vick Were..." Photoshops

Yesterday, in its infinite wisdom, ESPN gave us White Michael Vick. We're still not sure entirely why, although it "got people talking" in the way that most silly ESPN things do. It also got the crafty minds of the internet a-Photoshoppin'. Here are some of our favorites, though you should send others into … »8/26/11 1:10pm8/26/11 1:10pm

Mike Vick Says Roger Goodell Didn't Make Him Go To Philly, But...

So Michael Vick tells Emeritus for GQ that nobody cares about dog-fighting except the media, that white people don't understand where he came from, and that the NFL encouraged him to go play for the Eagles when he pretty much preferred the Bengals or the Bills. Vick, as if on cue, has since clarified what he said to… »8/18/11 6:00pm8/18/11 6:00pm

GQ's Michael Vick Story Will Just Make White People Angry Again

This one, penned by Yahoo! movie blogger Will Leitch, drops tomorrow at 7 a.m. so the mag has started to send out embargoed teases to other media outlets to get the buzziest buzz going on this thing but, shit, why wait 12 hours for the good stuff? You'll read it all tomorrow on GQ's website, right? Promise? Good. So… »8/17/11 7:15pm8/17/11 7:15pm