Mork "Hunting Bait" Encino Appeared On A Chicago Country-Music Radio…

Just one hour ago, Marco McGrath tweeted this message: "Someone get @morkencino a job already #overexposure." Maybe Marco McGrath should just come up with 10 grand and strap on some hunting boots, because Mork won't be overexposed until Friday at the earliest. » 7/07/11 8:15pm 7/07/11 8:15pm

Let's Check In With Mork "Hunting Bait" Encino

Now that word is out that $12,000 will allegedly afford you the right to spend 24 hours hunting a naked Mork Encino, he's none too worried about the fact that somebody claims to have GPS-located where the pictures on his website were taken. Here's what had to say via email yesterday: » 7/03/11 5:45pm 7/03/11 5:45pm