NBA League Pass Broadband 2013-14: Still Shitty, You Should Not Buy It

Last year we gave you a heads-up about the poor quality of NBA League Pass Broadband, the NBA's shady auto-renew system for its online video offering, and the league's non-existent customer service. Has the league finally gotten its act together for this season's edition? After several weeks of attempting to use the… »11/15/13 11:40am11/15/13 11:40am


Don't Pay For NBA League Pass Broadband! It's Straight Up Garbage.

We're starting to get complaints from people who paid their hard earned money for NBA's League Pass Broadband, presumably because they were unaware that it is just about the worst thing in the world, and are now angry because they're stuck with a non-functional service and horrifyingly non-responsive customer support.… »11/03/13 12:01pm11/03/13 12:01pm