Face/Off Is Even Weirder And Radder Than You Remember

The great Hong Kong action director John Woo got to make a handful of English-language movies during his '90s Hollywood period. But he only ever got to make one true John Woo Movie here. That'd be 1997's Face/Off, an absolute nutball mega-budget pileup of all his favorite images (guys flying through the air in… »9/25/14 2:32pm9/25/14 2:32pm


Nicolas Cage, Dying (And Humping January Jones) Before Our Very Eyes

We have reached the point where the release of a new Nicolas Cage movie is less fodder for humor than it is an indignity upon everyone involved with its making. It is odd, actually, that movies like Seeking Justice, which will slink across 250 screens today, less a movie release than a walk of shame, keep getting… »3/16/12 4:00pm3/16/12 4:00pm