How NHL Interference Forced One Of The Game's Best Reporters Out Of…

Rich Hammond covered the Kings for the Los Angeles Daily News for nearly a decade, becoming known as one of the most respected writers in the sport—even in a town with Helene Elliott. But hockey being hockey, and dying newspapers being dying newspapers, the Daily News decided it was no longer cost-effective to send… » 10/11/12 2:55pm 10/11/12 2:55pm

After Unanimous Backlash, Mark Whicker Responds

Though the column was published Monday night, Whicker's Jaycee Dugard column didn't strike the collective nerve of the Internet until today. I got in touch with the OC Register's sports editor, and here's what he and Whicker have to say. » 9/09/09 9:30pm 9/09/09 9:30pm