86 Players Not Named Odell Beckham Jr. Made The Pro Bowl

The NFL has announced the 2015 Pro Bowl rosters, and since you aren't going to watch the game nor do you actually care about the Pro Bowl, here's the actionable information: Odell Beckham Jr. did not make the team. Despite being tied for the fourth most TDs, having the third most yards per game, and pulling off by… »12/23/14 9:24pm12/23/14 9:24pm

It Sure Looks Like Odell Beckham Jr. Made That Catch With Three Fingers

If you haven't seen Odell Beckham Jr.'s insane catch by now, watch it here, but also check out these photos from Al Bello of Getty Images. The details of the whole highlight are beautiful, like Cowboys corner Brandon Carr tumbling out of bounds, the flag on the eventually declined penalty, and the fact that Beckham… »11/23/14 10:24pm11/23/14 10:24pm

Odell Beckham Jr. Pulled Off Some Miraculous Catches In Warm-Ups, Too

In light of Odell Beckham Jr.'s maybe-the-best-catch-ever catch earlier tonight, we thought we'd put up some highlights NBC aired earlier in the game of the Giants receiver messing around during the pre-game warm-ups, pulling off the impossible and making it look easy. Even better, it's in super slow-mo. »11/23/14 9:17pm11/23/14 9:17pm

Odell Beckham, Jr.'s 89-Yard Punt Return Tied Things Up For LSU Against Ole Miss

In a run that reminded old-timers of Billy Cannon's feat against the Rebels in 1959, LSU's Odell Beckham, Jr. sprinted 89 yards on a punt return to tie things up between the Tigers and Ole Miss this afternoon and lending life to a seventh-ranked team that had up to that point left a usually "Deaf" Valley strangely… »11/17/12 7:09pm11/17/12 7:09pm