Opera Star: I'm Obsessed With Manti Te'o

Nico Muhly, the young composer behind the very buzzy opera Two Boys, has a bit of an obsession with Manti Te'o. Two Boys, currently running at the Metropolitan Opera, has a Te'oish plot: It's about a teenage boy who assumed numerous online personalities in order to convince an older teenage boy to—this is, amazingly,… » 10/31/13 4:07pm 10/31/13 4:07pm

Pau And Placido Make Beautiful Music Together

SoCal's newest 'It' Couple are Lakers Center Pau Gasol and opera legend Plácido Domingo. They've become fast friends because...it's L.A., who the f**k knows? » 12/03/09 2:00am 12/03/09 2:00am