Former Board President Steve Garban Is First Penn State Trustee To Resign

It's hard to believe that in all the months since the Sandusky scandal broke, and amid all the calls for accountability among Penn State's leadership, that not one member of the university's Board of Trustees had resigned. Now, there comes word from Happy Valley that Steve Garban, who was board president in 2010 and… »7/19/12 9:06pm7/19/12 9:06pm

Penn State's Board Of Trustees Hired The Freeh Group, But They Did Not Escape Its Scrutiny

Back in January, just two months after the grand jury issued its findings about Jerry Sandusky, 13 of the 32 members of Penn State's board of trustees gave a group interview to the New York Times. In it, they essentially said they were blindsided when the grand jury report became public: "We found out about it when… »7/12/12 4:25pm7/12/12 4:25pm