That Time Someone Said Peyton Hillis Wanted To Retire And Join The CIA

Today, the New York Giants released Madden 12 cover athlete—good job, fans—and running back Peyton Hillis. Did you even know Hillis was still in the league? A better question: Do you remember when a rumor came out in March 2012 that Hillis, at that time a free agent, was considering retirement so he could join the CIA? »2/25/15 12:00pm2/25/15 12:00pm


Peyton Hillis Can't Get On The Field, Can't Sweet-Talk The Ladies, And Can't Take A Hint From His Teammates

More news about romantic newlywed and attitudinal Browns halfback Peyton Hillis. His teammates have had just about enough of Hillis's sulky, mopey, screwy behavior. Some have taken to jeering at him. Others have tried to rescue him, according to Michael Silver at Yahoo: »11/04/11 4:05pm11/04/11 4:05pm

Peyton Hillis Is Sorry He Crushed The Spirits Of 50 Children On Halloween, But It Wasn't All His Fault

Peyton Hillis, the Browns injured running back and Madden cover boy, was supposed to attend a Halloween party for some 50 children from the Cleveland Boys and Girls Club on Monday. But he didn't. And he says it's because he got "misinformation" that resulted in a "miscommunication between me and the management that I… »11/02/11 5:35pm11/02/11 5:35pm