Algerian 800m Runner Loses Race After Celebrating Too Early

At less than two minutes, the 800 meters is not an especially long race. That didn't keep Algerian star Taoufik Makhloufi from cruising the last few strides at yesterday's Diamond League competition in Shanghai, waving his arms and wagging his tongue in victory. That premature celebration cost him the race—and the… »5/19/14 9:15am5/19/14 9:15am

Oklahoma's Steven Pledger Prematurely Celebrated His Game-Tying Buzzer-Beater That Didn't Go In

It can't feel good to lose, especially in front of an empty arena. But it takes a certain amount of hubris—beyond the amount we're comfortable with, at least—to celebrate a shot before it goes in, especially if that shot wouldn't even win you the game. Then it doesn't go in, and all the sympathy we would have shown… »2/06/12 10:13pm2/06/12 10:13pm