Raiders Owner Mark Davis Cheered By Fans He Wants To Abandon Or Steal From

The NFL held its third and final town hall meeting on relocation last night. After giving fans in San Diego and St. Louis a chance to vent and make a case for why their football teams shouldn’t be relocated to Los Angeles, a group of NFL execs trudged into the Paramount Theater in Oakland to hear it from Raiders fans.… »10/30/15 9:07am10/30/15 9:07am


Tom Coburn Wants To Revoke Sports Leagues' Tax-Exempt Charity Status

Last week Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma introduced an amendment to a bill called the Marketplace Fairness Act (the so-called "Internet tax") that would revoke the tax-exempt status of sports leagues. This is the news, and Think Progress has covered it nicely here. Also news, to most people: Sports leagues… »4/27/13 9:44pm4/27/13 9:44pm

Sanity: The Panthers Aren't Getting Taxpayer Money To Renovate Their 17-Year-Old Stadium

It's an inescapable conclusion at this point, but the NFL doesn't want a team in Los Angeles. A big empty lot, with the potential for a new stadium and team, is far more valuable to the league and the owners as a threat than as an actual franchise. As teams attempt to wring taxpayer money out of their communities for… »3/05/13 11:55am3/05/13 11:55am

The Panthers Want $200 Million In Public Funding To Renovate Their 17-Year-Old Stadium

Bank of America Stadium is a perfectly modern and lovely venue that hosts 10 football games a year. But Panthers owner Jerry Richardson wants more! He wants new escalators! A new video board! Better wi-fi in the stadium! And he wants you—the fan who already pays to attend games—to pay for most of the upgrades. »2/13/13 4:40pm2/13/13 4:40pm

MLS Isn't Interested In Citi Field, Because When You Can Plow A Massive Park To Build A Soccer Stadium, You Do It

The opening of the Barclays Center hasn't been without its challenges. Even after most of the ideological debate—lawsuits over eminent domain stalled the project for years, affordable housing advocates vociferously protested the development—dissipated in the wake of the arena's opening, structural issues remained.… »1/05/13 6:35pm1/05/13 6:35pm

The Bills Blackmailed New York Taxpayers Into Covering 84 Percent Of Stadium Renovations

You might have missed this in the pre-holiday news dump, which it was specifically timed for—it's a good idea to downplay the implications of a story like this. An agreement was announced in a "hastily called news conference" to keep the Bills in Buffalo (actually Orchard Park) through at least 2020. But the real… »12/27/12 11:05am12/27/12 11:05am