Quebec Soccer Reverses Moronic Turban Ban At FIFA's Nudging

The Quebec Soccer Federation on Saturday morning announced it's going to align with a ruling FIFA made two days earlier and allow Sikh men to wear religiously prescribed turbans on the soccer pitch. The federation also expressed regret that its ban on turbans was seen as racist, saying it was only meant to protect… » 6/15/13 1:08pm 6/15/13 1:08pm

Gros Coup De Hach À Deux Mains Is French For This Terrifying Two-Handed… A fight broke out at a Quebec "beer league" in the north shore of Montreal last week, and it escalated until a player brought down a logger-style two-handed hockey slash over his opponent's head. JT from writes that the league is not pro, and "not even close to [being]… » 4/05/11 5:30pm 4/05/11 5:30pm