David Moyes Was Dumb Enough To Turn Down Other Jobs Before Getting Canned In Spain

As should’ve been glaringly obvious to anyone paying attention, the countdown on the “When Will David Moyes Get Fired From Real Sociedad, Because This Is Definitely Not Gonna Work Out” clock started ticking towards the final stages of last season. Somehow Moyes himself couldn’t hear the ticking, so he rejected “a… »11/17/15 4:36pm11/17/15 4:36pm


David Moyes Is Probably Getting Sacked Soon, So How About A New Moyesface Gallery?

Real Sociedad, one of the most talent-laden teams in Spain, are currently in the relegation zone thanks to the L they just caught from very not-good Las Palmas. What looked like a promising experience in La Liga with a very good club when David Moyes got the manager’s job is now an unmitigated failure. »11/06/15 6:07pm11/06/15 6:07pm

David Moyes Belongs In The Premier League

David Moyes, the once-esteemed former manager of Everton and Manchester United, is in trouble. After getting run out of the biggest job in the Premier League in humiliating fashion, he fled to the relatively calm shores of Basque Country. There, he sought to rehabilitate his career with ambitious and talent-rich Real… »10/21/15 4:35pm10/21/15 4:35pm

David Moyes Hops Into Stands, Enjoys Some Chips After Being Red Carded

It looks like the air in the Basque mountains has done David Moyes a world of good. No longer the grumpy looking human wrinkle he was for much of his time with Manchester United, Moyes has performed pretty much exactly as hoped with Real Sociedad. Today he even had some goodnatured fun after getting booted from… »1/14/15 6:22pm1/14/15 6:22pm

Spanish Goalkeeper Allows Four Goals In Six Minutes, Saves Best Fail For Last

Enaut Zubikarai, the goalkeeper for Real Sociedad, had a very terrible Tuesday evening. Playing in the Copa del Rey's round of 16, Zubikarai allowed Mallorca to score six goals in the first 60 minutes, and Real Sociedad lost, 6-1. This particular moment of utter failure was Mallorca's fourth goal in a six-minute… »1/11/12 1:35pm1/11/12 1:35pm

The Game-Winning Goal Doesn't Usually Come From 60 Yards Out In Stoppage Time

Inigo Martinez, a defender for Real Sociedad, broke open a 2-2 tie against Real Betis yesterday with a goal from about 60 yards out. The game was nearing the end of stoppage time when Martinez scored the game-winner. It's the second goal from that distance in 20-year-old Inigo's career. We'd make some kind of … »11/28/11 4:55pm11/28/11 4:55pm