Charles Barkley Trashes The Miami Heat, Part 372: "God Is A Dallas…

Sir Charles keeps trolling, this time on both the Mike Lupica Show on ESPN 1050 and then on WIP Philadelphia with Howard Eskin and Ike Reese. There is nothing new here, because we've been listening to Barkley lambaste the Heat and especially Two of their Big Three on a regular basis for the past few months. Chuck… » 6/14/11 12:20pm 6/14/11 12:20pm

Charles Barkley: "Miami Has The Worst Fans"

Charles Barkley continued his righteous public crusade against all things Miami Heat today, when he spoke to the "Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. Nothing revolutionary here, just the special vindication that comes with hearing someone with a national audience say things that said audience has been saying to one… » 6/08/11 6:40pm 6/08/11 6:40pm

Joakim Noah Taps Into America's Rage By Calling The Heat "Hollywood As…

Joakim Noah, who sat on the bench for much of the second half as Kurt Thomas tried to be the hero, pulled off the delicate skill of framing an absolute dis within a compliment last night. Kenny, Chuck, and Ernie are almost always this tickled with the world, but with this giggly reaction I get the sense that they'd… » 5/27/11 11:00am 5/27/11 11:00am

Let's Watch Some Guy Named Vinny D. Dispense Love Advice

To quote Vinny D. of party promotions on Strong Island (and tha boroughs), "Stay single. Have a good time. There's no parole officer. There's no cop. There's nobody to answer to at the end of the night. I mean, your mother stops being your mother when you turn 18. You don't need a mother at 25.… » 3/25/11 12:00am 3/25/11 12:00am