Jim Knox Interviews Two Random Irishmen; There Is Cursing Involved

It’s time again to check in on our favorite Rangers baseball reporter, Jim Knox. Tonight Knoxie spoke with a pair of Irish lads attending their first baseball game. They didn’t know much about the sport, but the duo did pledge to buy “every person here a good frosty fuckin’ pint of Guinness” if the Rangers made the… »7/06/15 12:24am7/06/15 12:24am


Bill Belichick Likely To Study Tape Of His Slaying Of Reporter

We've gone over this before, but Bill Belichick's adept at letting reporters draw out their questions before he shuts them down with curt answers. (It's entertaining, if your job isn't covering the Patriots.) Naturally, the media wanted to talk about Peyton Manning vs. the Patriots today, and Belichick did what he… »10/29/14 4:08pm10/29/14 4:08pm

The Stars Hired Their Own Beat Reporter. Will The NHL Be Able To Keep Its Hands Off This Time?

The Dallas Stars announced earlier this week that they're hiring Mark Stepneski to cover the team. He'll run a blog, StarsInsideEdge.com, and his work will appear on the club's official site. He's been writing about the Stars since 1996 on his personal blog, and covering them for ESPN Dallas for two years. It's just… »1/16/13 1:10pm1/16/13 1:10pm

Biloxi Beach Bros Don't Care Isaac Is Coming, They're Too Busy Air-Humping An NBC Reporter

Isaac's finally found his seat upgrade, and is heading to assault the Gulf Coast with actual hurricane-force winds. While FEMA stands ready and second-tier-couldn't-get-the-RNC-gig reporters speak breathlessly from the scene, actual Mississippians don't seem to be letting the whole fuss get to them. »8/28/12 1:55pm8/28/12 1:55pm