Argentine Woman Says She Was Brutally Beaten For Wearing Soccer Jersey

Above is a picture of Lorena Sabio and her daughter, wearing a River Plate shirt ahead of the club's match against archrivals Boca Juniors last Thursday. Sometime later that evening, she was in the hospital undergoing a total of 14 operations to deal with the savage beating she claims she endured at the hands of a… »12/05/14 2:28pm12/05/14 2:28pm

Today's "Soccer Fans Are Crazy" Video: Argentine Supporters Brutally Beat Stewards

Yesterday was the Superclásico, the big showdown between Buenos Aires sides River Plate and Boca Juniors. As is customary for this derby, there were scores of injuries reported—most of them among stewards in the visiting Boca Juniors' stand. The actions captured in this video, I will never understand—fans savagely… »10/29/12 2:00pm10/29/12 2:00pm