When Current PSU President Rodney Erickson Bent The Rules For Jerry Sandusky

On November 9, the same day Joe Paterno was fired and students rioted in the streets of State College, the Penn State Board of Trustees removed school president Graham Spanier. In his place they appointed Provost Rodney Erickson as interim president. A week later, they removed the "interim" tag. Just two months after… »7/12/12 4:35pm7/12/12 4:35pm

Penn State Admits Official Fired Earlier This Week Was Fired For His Role In Sandusky Investigation

In an admission that shocks absolutely no one, unnamed sources within the Penn State athletic department have confirmed that associate athletic director Mark Sherburne was fired this week for his role in the investigation of child sex abuse claims against former coach Jerry Sandusky and the administration's failure… »4/21/12 4:49pm4/21/12 4:49pm

Memo: Weeks After Sandusky's Arrest, PSU President Was Really Pumped That Only Eight Prospective Students Had Withdrawn Their Applications

Less than a month after Jerry Sandusky had been arrested and the Penn State damage-control thresher had mowed down Joe Paterno, newly installed PSU president Rodney Erickson began sending out stupidly triumphant memoranda to the university's board of trustees. Here's a new one. It comes to us via public records… »2/24/12 5:15pm2/24/12 5:15pm

How Could Penn State's Trustees Have Been Blindsided By The Sandusky Case?

Thirteen of the 32 members of Penn State's Board of Trustees sat down with The New York Times yesterday to finally tell their side of the story. The resulting published narrative walks us through how the board reacted in the immediate aftermath of the release of the Jerry Sandusky grand jury presentment, culminating… »1/19/12 2:00pm1/19/12 2:00pm

Brand Leadership: The Scene At The Penn State President's New York Town Hall

The last place any sane person wanted to be this past Friday night was the Marriott hotel in Manhattan's financial district. The hotel's grand ballroom would be a good setting for a bad prom, complete with an ugly red carpet and garish inverted-pyramid chandeliers. An uneasy crowd of about 300 Penn State alums had… »1/17/12 5:10pm1/17/12 5:10pm

PSU's Damage-Control Memos Show "Deepest Concern" For Children (And Your Non-Refundable Donations)

Not long ago, we told you about the stupidly triumphant internal Sandusky memos that got passed around at meetings of the Penn State board of trustees mere days after the scandal broke. The memos, first obtained by the AP (and now by us), showed the low-IQ spinjobbing you've come to expect from some unaware… »1/16/12 3:14pm1/16/12 3:14pm

Penn State's New President Doesn't Think This Is Penn State's Scandal

Rodney Erickson, the new president of Penn State, is taking questions from concerned alumni this week at a series of townhall-style meetings. Though he's promised a new era of openness and transparency, Erickson displayed plenty of evasiveness and contradiction even before he set out for Pittsburgh and Philadelphia,… »1/13/12 2:40pm1/13/12 2:40pm

A Week Before He Was Charged With Child Sex Abuse, Jerry Sandusky Watched A Football Game From The Penn State President's Stadium Suite

That's according to what former Nittany Lions linebacker Brandon Short said during an appearance Wednesday afternoon on ESPN's Outside the Lines (audio above). Citing what he called "two independent sources," Short said Jerry Sandusky watched Penn State defeat Illinois from the box that belonged to Graham Spanier,… »1/12/12 2:25am1/12/12 2:25am

Penn State's New President Is Being Less Than Candid About What He Knew About Jerry Sandusky

Rodney Erickson was named the interim president of Penn State on Nov. 9, the night Graham Spanier resigned in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal. The school lifted the interim tag from Erickson the following week, formally putting him in charge, and soon after he stated his commitment to… »1/08/12 11:00pm1/08/12 11:00pm

"We Are Taking Control Of The Narrative," Said PSU President In Stupidly Triumphant Sandusky Memo

The AP got its claws on four internal memos circulated among Penn State's board of trustees and the school's new president Rodney Erickson mere days after charges were filed against accused child rapist Jerry Sandusky last November. More face. More egg. The memos are about damage control, money, and little else.… »1/05/12 7:15pm1/05/12 7:15pm