Six Flags' New 4D Batman Coaster Looks Like a Super Fun Vomit Factory

Guess what’s finally built and undergoing extensive testing at Six Flags’ Fiesta Texas amusement park in San Antonio? The park’s brand new Batman coaster that was teased last year with 4D thrills courtesy of seats that are free to rotate 360-degrees during your vomit-filled ride. »5/15/15 3:21pm5/15/15 3:21pm


The Wizards Went To Six Flags, And Emeka Okafor Was Too Tall To Ride The Roller Coaster [UPDATE]

Last night saw a party for Washington season ticket holders at Six Flags America—a night spent going on rides with and getting autographs from all their favorite Wizards, and Cartier Martin too. Reader Mike was there, and he saw something he'd never seen before: a person being turned away from a ride because they were… »10/23/12 1:30pm10/23/12 1:30pm