Chiefs Safety Husain Abdullah Flagged For Muslim-Prayer TD Celebration

Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct Monday night when he went to his knees in prayer to celebrate a Tom Brady pick-six. Abdullah—a devout Muslim who sat out the 2012-13 season to make Hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca—shouldn't have been penalized. » 9/30/14 12:03am 9/30/14 12:03am

NFL: Jets Should Have Been Called For Same Pushing Penalty As Pats

There was a lot of bitter back-and-forth between the Jets and Patriots about last week's controversial overtime pushing penalty. At first, Bill Belichick didn't seem to know what the penalty was. (He made a big deal about the "second level" in the pushing penalty—"We weren't on the second level when we pushed him,… » 10/27/13 12:15pm 10/27/13 12:15pm

Patriots Had Cheated Before On FGs; Jets Warned Officials

You're looking at a screengrab from last weeks' New England win over the Saints, shared by the Globe's Ben Volin. On a New Orleans field goal attempt, rookie tackle Chris Jones is pushing Will Svitek into the offensive lineman. It's the same illegal move, with the same two players, that got the Pats flagged against… » 10/21/13 2:01pm 10/21/13 2:01pm

The NFL Will Get Rid Of Its Dumbest Rule

On Thanksgiving, Jim Schwartz boned Jim Schwartz by throwing a challenge flag on Justin Forsett's 81-yard touchdown. But really, the NFL boned Jim Schwartz—the rule that you can't challenge a play that's automatically reviewed, and if you try, you're penalized and it's not reviewed, is awful, illogical, and frankly… » 2/21/13 3:35pm 2/21/13 3:35pm

The 10 Commandments Of Basketball Refereeing

Last week, FIBA Asia held its annual referee clinic in Singapore. Along with boring clerical matters like getting licensed, attendees also received a pen! With a roll-out scroll featuring FIBA's 10 Referee Commandments. Like Moses down from the mountain, a Reddit user has passed along the wisdom contained within. » 2/06/13 3:10pm 2/06/13 3:10pm

Last Night Was Probably The Closest We'll Ever Get To A Super Bowl…

When the Ravens intentionally took a safety, to give themselves better field position and run a few seconds off the clock, it brought the 49ers to within three points. It was the smart call, but it also raised the possibility of the rarest of all football plays—the fair-catch kick. It's only been attempted a handful… » 2/04/13 3:20pm 2/04/13 3:20pm

"What A Joke This Sport Is!" Jeff Van Gundy Is Not A Fan Of The…

The Thunder's beat-down of the Lakers last night got a little boring towards the end, as beat-downs will, and unlike some spectators, Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy were contractually obligated to remain in their seats. Naturally, talk turned to the designated hitter, and—like many people, but in his inimitable… » 1/12/13 2:15pm 1/12/13 2:15pm

The Jets, To The Patriots: "Hang On A Minute"

The Patriots' hurry-up offense is quick—too quick, according to the Jets. They point to a crucial moment in the Patriots win over the Broncos two weeks ago in which the Patriots had sped up their offense so much between snaps that the Broncos didn't have time to make substitutions. That's not fair: if the offensive… » 10/21/12 2:15pm 10/21/12 2:15pm

The NBA Releases A Video Demonstrating The Seven Illegal Flops That…

The NBA released a video yesterday of all the flops that they officially consider flops now that the NBA is officially considering flops. It has a weird narrator who uses unnecessarily colorful language, which is great. We get a "grossly embellished fall to the floor" from Reggie Evans, an "over-embellished reaction… » 10/06/12 3:05pm 10/06/12 3:05pm

Royal And Ancient Golf Club Updates Stupid And Ancient Rules

Golf's governing body, The Royal and Ancient Golf Club, has updated some of its stupid and ancient rules. Among other overdue adjustments: golfers will no longer be penalized with a stroke if a gust of wind displaces the ball. The organization is still grappling with dinosaur interference. [AP] » 10/24/11 11:15am 10/24/11 11:15am

Minor Football League Cannot Remember Its Own Quirks, Takes Away Points…

Not too many people know about the drop kick rule in pro football—it's one of those things Bill Belichick ordered Doug Flutie to do so that the Patriots might rub the league's nose in it. Essentially, one can punt the ball through the uprights for an extra point or field goal. But modern offenses now have no use for a… » 7/04/11 12:15pm 7/04/11 12:15pm