The Man With The Ham Fists: RZA's Kung Fu Movie Just Doesn't Work

In 1995, Quentin Tarantino, skinny, wired, at the absolute peak of his power and influence, showed up at the MTV Movie Awards to give a lifetime achievement award to Jackie Chan. This is just how huge Tarantino was at the time: MTV allowed him to take 10 minutes of its airtime to give a career-capping award to someone… »11/01/12 6:39pm11/01/12 6:39pm


This Wu-Tang Clan Super Game Boy Commercial Was Banned For Being "Too Ill"

In 1993, members of the Wu-Tang Clan produced a 40-second spot for Nintendo's Super Game Boy. Filmed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 1993, it featured a beat by Prince Paul, voice-over from RZA and ODB, and a work of graffiti from the COD Crew. A member of COD found the old video and uploaded it to Vimeo a few weeks… »3/10/11 7:45pm3/10/11 7:45pm