Sam Hurd Was A "Top Drug Dealer" In City And Dealt To Fellow Players, Reports Chicago Radio Station

We figured that the case against Sam Hurd, who was arrested yesterday after allegedly attempting to purchase a large amount of cocaine from a federal agent, could get a whole lot messier as the details unfolded, but we didn't expect this: Chicago's 670 The Score reports that the police actually have a list "in the… » 12/15/11 4:45pm 12/15/11 4:45pm

Bears Receiver Sam Hurd Arrested After Allegedly Trying To Purchase 5 To 10 Kilos Of Cocaine From A Federal Agent

Even though Chicago brought in Roy Williams this offseason, Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd may have been the more disappointing former Cowboy. Hurd has only eight catches (no touchdowns) all season, and he's staring down some major federal drug charges. » 12/15/11 11:52am 12/15/11 11:52am