NBC Runs Today Promo Spoiling Outcome Of Race They Were About To Air

NBC can't even do tape delay properly, it seems. Tonight's heavily-hyped broadcast of Missy Franklin's 100 backstroke became a moot point after the Peacock Network ran the above promo for the commercial break before the race actually aired. If you're one of the fools who actually avoids learning about… »7/30/12 10:04pm7/30/12 10:04pm

Yesterday MSNBC Reported Tragic News On The Death Of... Jonathan Vilma?

Two major NFL stories broke yesterday, bringing havoc to newsrooms as they processed the Saints bounty suspensions and attempted to verify and report the news of Junior Seau's death. As it turns out, the complicated nature of doing journalism led to some mix-ups—at least at MSNBC, where a lingering zoom on Jonathan… »5/03/12 11:50am5/03/12 11:50am