Shia LaBeouf Why The Fuck What

What we have here is Shia LaBeouf and his rattail on like a riverbank somewhere, surrounded by a bunch of white people, rapping. Yesterday, the overstaffed People aggregator Gawker wrote about the performance, calling it a freestyle and even giving LaBeouf a legitimate, albeit uncreative rapper name. We at Deadspin… » 6/29/15 2:44pm 6/29/15 2:44pm

I Watched Nymphomaniac Volume 1 On Demand So You Don't Have To

Happy Friday, weekend warriors!!! If you're like me, you're looking to leave the boss-man behind and kick back with the family, a blockbuster hit, and a six-pack of Mike's Hard tonight. And what better way to relax than via the brand new live-action Animaniacs movie directed by Lars von Trier?! Animaniac purists might… » 3/07/14 5:23pm 3/07/14 5:23pm

The Good, The Bad And The Smugly. Lawless, Reviewed.

1. It is strange to consider the fact that Shia LaBeouf considers Lawless an art film. Only a guy who has spent his adult life standing in front of a green screen while Michael Bay screams "I dunno, just, like, run like crazy, and shit" could consider Lawless some sort of higher, refined form of expression. That is… » 8/28/12 5:25pm 8/28/12 5:25pm

Shia LaBeouf Wants You To Take Him Seriously

Being successful sure is nice, but what everybody really wants is to be taken seriously. Whether it's Woody Allen following up Annie Hall with the dour Interiors, George Michael turning away from the pop stardom of Faith for the confessional Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1, or Robin Williams deciding that making… » 8/24/12 5:37pm 8/24/12 5:37pm