Report: Naked Man Ransacks SPEED Network Offices After Break-In

Police in Charlotte said the nude dude broke into the building sometime this morning. He tore stuff from the walls, dumped trash cans on the floor, and broke trophies by knocking them over. He then dashed outside and started running down the street before being apprehended. Also? "A SPEED security guard offered the… »4/08/13 6:11pm4/08/13 6:11pm

"Douche McGee" Got His (Or Her) Day In The Sun On SPEED

SPEED call-in show WindTunnel with Dave Despain is known for giving strongly-opinionated NASCAR fans a voice, and like many programs it's now featuring tweets from viewers. One such viewer, "Douche McGee," has an issue with the off-the-track drama that's emerged as one of stock car racing's hallmarks—and had such a… »5/21/12 1:45pm5/21/12 1:45pm