The 16 Fall Movies You Should Be Excited About: A Guide

Labor Day is the signpost every year that the sugary summer junk is behind us and that the nutritious square meal of awards season has finally arrived. That's the theory, anyway: In actuality, summer movies like Before Midnight and Fruitvale Station will be as well-received as any Oscar bait, and the biggest hits this… » 9/04/13 5:48pm 9/04/13 5:48pm

The Bulls-Knicks Game Went To Complete Shit Last Night, And Produced…

When you're not particularly used to losing, any downturn in your fortunes seems like it must be the result of some malevolent scheme from outsiders that bear you ill will. Such was the case for the Knicks last night when they fell down big in an ugly game against the Bulls and decided they didn't feel like playing… » 12/22/12 9:20am 12/22/12 9:20am

Here's A Courtside View Of Jason Kidd's Game-Winning Three

Jason Kidd's game-winning three-pointer put a massive exclamation mark on last night's Knicks-Nets game. Luckily, one enterprising fan with courside seats had his camera rolling when Kidd launched his shot, giving us the close-up view of the play you see above. » 12/12/12 12:45pm 12/12/12 12:45pm

Grierson & Leitch's Year In Review: The Year's Worst Scenes

Yes, many people are already writing their Top 10 movie lists for 2012. We're saving ours for the last week of the year, but while we wait for this full, rich, and weird movie year to end, we're going to start looking back at certain highlights. Today, it's our least-favorite individual scenes. » 12/06/12 6:40pm 12/06/12 6:40pm

The Best Picture I Ever Took At A Sporting Event: Spike Lee, Reggie…

What you see here is Spike Lee interviewing Reggie Jackson in the right field upper deck of old Yankee Stadium. That's Val Kilmer there in the foreground, too, for some reason. I took this picture a few hours before the final game played at the old Yankee Stadium on September 21, 2008. It was a weird scene. » 10/01/12 9:01pm 10/01/12 9:01pm

Did The Wrong Thing. Spike Lee's Red Hook Summer, Reviewed.

Spike Lee is such a confident filmmaker that when one of his movies doesn't quite work, you almost wonder if it's your fault for not getting it. Secure in his talent for sweeping emotions and powerful visuals, he sets out to make a masterpiece with each new movie, and the worst thing you can say about him is that he… » 8/10/12 5:48pm 8/10/12 5:48pm

Spike Lee Catches A Bat At Yankee Stadium, Grins Like A Kid On Christmas

Must be pretty nice being Spike Lee: front row seats to the Knicks, moat-protected seats at Yankee Stadium, always at the games so he doesn't have to listen to announcers like Michael Kay make terrible puns with one of his more famous films. » 7/15/12 1:59pm 7/15/12 1:59pm

Outside Man: Why Is Spike Lee So Underrated?

Spike Lee celebrated his 55th birthday in March. I still can't believe it. When he turned 40 in 1997, I remember being astonished that a man so youthful and vital could possibly be that old. (I was 22 and clearly very naive.) In my mind, the filmmaker of Do the Right Thing and Malcolm X would always be the brash,… » 7/11/12 4:00pm 7/11/12 4:00pm

I'm Worried About Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained

It'd be difficult to find a bigger Quentin Tarantino fanboy than I am. It's a little embarrassing, actually; I was one of those nerds posting on dorkboards the year Justin Bieber was born. (The fact that Google archives Usenet forums from 20 years ago is just cruel.) I think Jackie Brown is… » 6/07/12 6:14pm 6/07/12 6:14pm