Troy Hennum, The Softball Coach Who Used His Players To Pick Up Girls, Has A Side Job Handicapping Sports

We told you on Friday about Troy Hennum the newly-hired and quickly-fired softball coach at Roosevelt high school in Seattle. He used his athletes to help score him dates with other girls in a self-described "genius" use of his coaching position. He was also let go from a previous position for sending inappropriate… »3/10/13 6:15pm3/10/13 6:15pm


The Betting Public Killed Las Vegas Sportsbooks In The 2012 NFL Season

So the NFL did its ouroboros thing again this year. Lots of parity. Or so it would seem. But 2012 mostly just brought us a handful of excellent teams—Football Outsiders says three of the 12 best teams since 1991 (Seahawks, Broncos, and Patriots)—and some supremely terrible ones. The result is that, according to the … »1/02/13 5:20pm1/02/13 5:20pm