Bill Simmons Thinks Memphis Fans Get Tense Because MLK Was Shot There

For many years now, Bill Simmons has positioned himself as a kind of ULTRA fan. He's not simply the voice of the fan anymore. He is more fan than you. He understands fandom in a way that you could not possibly understand. He understands that when fans get loud, things are going well! And when fans get quiet, things… »5/30/13 9:29am5/30/13 9:29am

13 Right-Wing Talking Points For The Simmons-Obama Podcast

As you might have heard, Bill Simmons finally scored an interview with Barack Obama this week. Now, we at Deadspin are obviously part of the Giant Liberal Gay Media Deathship, but that doesn't mean we can't at least try to strive for balance on occasion. That's why, as a favor to all the remaining GOP candidates, we'd… »3/01/12 11:59am3/01/12 11:59am

Read Bill Simmons Before He Was The Sports Guy, From The Boston Phoenix Vault

The internet's not written in pencil, it's written in ink, or something. If you've spent your entire writing life online, it's likely that some Googlebot has crawled your pages, archiving every word you've ever written. But older writers who were young hacks shouldn't have to worry: their words were printed, not… »12/15/11 3:00pm12/15/11 3:00pm