SHOTY Semifinals: No. 3 Karen F. Owen Vs. No. 7 The Machine

Our lone upset in the quarterfinals was a big one: The Machine edged out LeBron James, dropping the No. 2 seed. No. 3 Karen F. Owen defied Bodog's odds and sadly took out Dude Being Blown By A Dog. Alas. » 12/02/10 11:00am 12/02/10 11:00am

SHOTY Quarterfinals: No. 4 Jay Mariotti vs. No. 5 Jason Whitlock

It's the media subregional! It is worth noting that the only two media folk to make the SHOTY final eight are both former ESPN employees. Well, then, the decks must be swabbed shiny clean over there then. » 11/29/10 3:40pm 11/29/10 3:40pm