Yes, Theo Epstein's Accused Stalker Wore A Red Sox Shirt To Her Mental…

The Harvard-educated crazy lady who showed up in Chicago last week on Cubs GM Theo Epstein's doorstep can't sue us for calling her "crazy lady," it turns out. Kathleen Kearney was named a ward of the state of Massachusetts nine years ago because of mental illness, and she was released on bond in Illinois under the… » 7/25/12 11:15am 7/25/12 11:15am

Serena Williams Has A Stalker

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office confirmed to WPTV that they had arrested Patenema Ouedraogo, 40, for stalking Serena Williams in Florida early this morning. He has reportedly "tried to make contact with Williams several times in the past" and is being held on a $25,000 bond. [WPTV] » 5/03/11 12:25pm 5/03/11 12:25pm

Dwyane Wade Makes Loyal Fans Feel Like Kicked Puppies

This is just about the saddest thing ever. A bunch of Heat fans woke up ass-early to greet Wade at the airport after returning from his free agent visits. He flew in to a different terminal, standing them all up. » 7/05/10 2:10pm 7/05/10 2:10pm

Hawkeye Goes From Fan To Fanatic To Psychotic

At first this reads like the further pussification of sports, where a fan gets arrested for heckling a player. But it quickly takes a turn into Annie Wilkes territory. » 10/07/09 11:00pm 10/07/09 11:00pm