High-Speed Chase Ends With Civilians Dishing Out Street Justice

Police got into a high-speed pursuit with a robbery suspect in Dallas today, and the chase ended when the suspect slammed into a line of cars at a stop light. That's when he was apprehended not by police officers, but by a road-raging couple who were not about to let some asshole just get away with wrecking their car. » 2/11/15 6:03pm 2/11/15 6:03pm

Boxing Referee Dishes Out Street Justice On Unruly Fighter

This occurred at, no joke, an event called White Collar Fight Club. I don't know what the hell White Collar Fight Club is, but I do know that its referees don't take shit from anyone. » 9/30/13 11:23am 9/30/13 11:23am

Bullying Dickhead Gets Knocked Out At South By Southwest

Keep your eyes on the guy in the grey shirt on the left side of the frame. He's just hanging out, watching afro guy strut around and slap people like a prick. He does not like what he sees. » 3/15/13 3:46pm 3/15/13 3:46pm