Inside the Fiery Workshop of a 21st Century Swordmaker

Down a stretch of country road in upstate New York there is a shed. The shed itself is nothing spectacular, a whitewash number with years of weathering. But inside sparks fly, fires breathe, and slabs of steel are fashioned into capable killing machines. This is Odinblades, a grimy shrine to the ancient art of… »4/20/15 3:52pm4/20/15 3:52pm

You Can't Fight A DMV-Nominated Samurai Champion In Lieu Of A Trial Anymore

A tipster has sent us a story nine years old but timeless. You might not know that in England, drivers must fill out a specific form in order to avoid paying taxes on an unused vehicle. You also might not know that in Medieval England, trials were often settled by the two parties engaging in single combat. 60-year-old… »8/23/11 1:05pm8/23/11 1:05pm