Linsanity Reaches Its Cultural Apex With Teen Wolf-Inspired Song

Mark Safan, if you were unaware, was the man responsible for the song "Win In The End" that fittingly scores the final moments of the quintessentially nonsensical 1980's film Teen Wolf. As luck would have it, someone remembered all of these facts and decided to get Mark on board with a new Jeremy Lin—with a Teen Wolf »2/19/12 5:14pm2/19/12 5:14pm


Was Scott Howard Actually Better Than Teen Wolf? A Statistical Investigation

This is Regressing, a numbers-minded column by our clever friends at the Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective. Over the past week, they've been applying rigorous statistical analysis to some of the finest basketball movies in the history of cinema (and also Hoosiers). The series concludes with an examination of »3/28/11 3:40pm3/28/11 3:40pm