The Final Girls Is The Nadir Of Meta-Horror, Which Is The Nadir Of Real Horror

If you’re a horror fan, you’ve noticed that every few months, there’s a new entry in the genre that’s explicitly marketed to non-fans, with blogs and critics hyping “your new favorite horror film” and granting best-since-whatever status to a certain kind of movie. Think titles like Tucker & Dale vs. Evil or the glut… »11/05/15 4:37pm11/05/15 4:37pm


Whoa, We're Halfway There: The Grierson & Leitch Top 12 Movies Of The First Half of 2012

Shockingly, we are more than halfway through 2012. (It's a backloaded year: Olympics, election, total global catastrophe—all stacked up from late July on.) As always, the best, most "prestigious" movies won't be released until November or December, because the people who vote on the Oscars are senile and cannot… »7/17/12 4:33pm7/17/12 4:33pm

Do You Like Self-Conscious Scary Movies? The Cabin In The Woods, Reviewed.

Sixteen years ago, I saw Scream for the first time. I loved it. Not only was it funny and smart, it felt like a game-changer: a movie that exploded all the conventions of its genre while at the same time being a really good example of its genre. By pointing out all the clichés of horror movies, Scream rewrote the… »4/10/12 2:40pm4/10/12 2:40pm